No Patient Waits

Timely access to quality care remains the single greatest imperative of healthcare. TeleTracking provides real-time, organisation-wide visibility into the entire care continuum with actionable and meaningful data and insights so hospitals can operate more efficiently and effectively.

Reduction in Length of Stay


Decrease in Bed Assignment Time


Nursing Time Back to Care

190 Hours per Week

Reduction in ED Breaches


Reduction in Medical Outliers


Nursing Agency Spend Decrease


Bed Turnaround Improvement

1.5 Hours

Reduction of Cancelled Operations


Decrease in Escalation Ward Capacity


Lost Bed Time

Lost Bed Time is the length of time hospital beds remain unoccupied. Using technology and better process, Lost Bed Time can be reduced to <90 minutes per patient placement, potentially releasing 160 minutes of bed capacity per admission and 96 minutes per internal transfer. Lost Bed Time is made up of three significant components:

  • Notification Time: 'The patient has left the bed, but nobody has been notified'
  • Preparation Time: 'The bed is now empty but needs cleaning'
  • Occupation Time: 'The bed is clean, a patient has been assigned to the bed, but the bed is still empty'

Learn How TeleTracking's "state-of-the-art" technology is helping Maidstone Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust deliver outstanding outcomes (page 18).

Case Studies

Working Together to Create Value

For over 30 years, TeleTracking has stayed focused on our mission to ensure that no one waits for the care they need. Learn more on how TeleTracking's Patient Flow Command Centres support staff in delivering efficient, quality care across some of the NHS' leading Trusts.